Who, How and What Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can the bike hold?

Maximum — 14 people! For private tours, you get the entire bike for a maximum of 14 people and a minimum of 5. For specialty public tours, we rent by the seat up to the maximum of 14 people.

Are there age, height or weight requirements to ride?

Yes, and no. Ideally, passengers should be at least 5’3” tall to comfortably reach the pedals. Shorter passengers are still welcome to ride but are encouraged to take a bench seat. HOWEVER, children who are able to sit alone and buckled in a seat are welcome as long as there is a minimum of 5 pedallers. (Our bike manufacturer recommends a weight limit of 300 lbs. Anyone 300 lbs+ must utilize a non-pedaling bench equivalent to the purchase of two seats.)

How hard is the bike to pedal?

Oh it's much easier than you might think! Momentum of the "team" provides the power to reach our maximum speed of 5 mph. Additionally, ours is an electric assist bike which means our battery can make up the difference for any slackers or to get us home if the group gets too pooped to pedal.

What if I can't pedal?

No worries! We have 4 seats available that allow you to just kick back and relax and watch the other 10.

Who should rent the pedal bike?

The Grizzly Pedal Company provides a great activity for individuals and groups looking for a unique and fun outdoor activity. Our party bike is fantastic for: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties and Anniversary Celebrations, Company Parties, Corporate Team Building, Pub Crawls, Family Reunions, Parades (Instant float!), Wadsworth Grizzlies Tailgating, Singles Mixers, and Date Nights. See photos of some of the fun to be had!

Who shouldn't rent the party bike?

Anyone who is averse to having a good time enjoying the outdoors with family, friends or friends-in-the-making. If this is you or your group, perhaps Wemmer Painting has something you can watch dry?


How much does it cost to rent and for how long?

The cost to rent the entire bike is $400 for 2 hours or $295 for 75 minutes, and individual seats start at $29. Want to customize your own ride? Contact us for a quote!

What are the payment options?

One person can make the reservation and pay for your whole group or you can make individual bookings to pay separately. As long as you all book the same date and time you will ride together. Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay accepted.

How do I sign the waiver?

A link to the waiver is provided in your booking confirmation email. All riders in your party will need to sign the waiver; please forward the link to those individuals. If there was a glitch and you don't receive the confirmation email with the waiver link, please call us at 330-328-6757 to confirm your email address.

Are bike helmets required?

No, but you are welcome to bring your own if you'd like. Safety is of the utmost importance to us! Our bike travels at a maximum speed of 5 mph, seats have backs and belts, and your driver will do everything possible to provide a fun and safe environment. However, just like riding any bike - especially if you remove your seatbelt or indulge in daring behavior - there could be risk.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 20-minutes prior to your reservation time to get all the ducks in a row. We want to be sure we have all waivers and pedallers buckled in so that we leave promptly at the scheduled tour time. If you know you may be late for your reservation, please call the day-of-reservation number found in your confirmation email and you will be given proper instructions by a staff member.

Where is the loading/unloading location?

We will be loading and unloading at our designated location behind Dolce at the Strand (123 Broad, Wadsworth, OH 44281)

What is your late policy?

Private tours:: When you book one of our private tours, you've rented the whole bike and we will wait on all members of your group to get there. Please note however, we will still end the tour on time.

Specialty Tours: Pretend we don't have a late policy. Or rather, know that we don't have a late policy. Provided we have the minimum number of riders, our tours will leave at the scheduled time with or without you. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide a refund.

What is the weather policy?

We ride - rain, snow or shine - so unless you hear from us, your tour is on! Our party bike has a canopy to protect from overhead sun and rain, but we do recommend you dress for whatever weather conditions may arise. With that being said, our riders safety will always be our main concern. If we deem it unsafe to ride, you and your group will receive a full refund. If we are partially through a tour, we will prorate your tour to compensate for whatever time you missed out on.

What is your cancellation policy?

Things happen! We understand that the unexpected can prevent you from keeping your reservation.

Private tours: If your group needs to cancel for any reason, we are happy to reschedule your tour for another date (blackout dates may apply) or offer a full refund less $15 for cancellations up to 7 days prior to your scheduled departure. Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to your tour will receive a full refund less $15 IF we are able to book another group.

Public tours: If you are unable to keep your reservation, we are happy to reschedule you for another date or offer a full refund as long as we have a minimum of 5 riders remaining for the tour to continue as scheduled. No refund offered if tour must be cancelled due to your absence.

Limit of one reschedule.

What Else?

Got music?

Lights, camera, action! Have we got music? We not only have a fantastic sound system and microphone, we have a TV too! We welcome your playlists that contain no offensive lyrics. Be sure to bring your camera and takes lots of pictures too!

Are we allowed to bring alcohol on the bike? If so, how much?

Yes! As long as you are over the age of 21, you may bring alcohol on board. Wine bottles and growlers are the only glass allowed on the bike and must be poured into a cup to be enjoyed. Each person is allowed 36 ounces of beer and 18 ounces of wine on the bike at one time. If you run out, you can restock at one of our stops at a sponsor bar. Once alcohol is on the bike it must stay on the bike: absolutely no open container off the bike when we stop at destinations. Grizzly Pedal Bike will not sell or serve alcohol, it is BYOB. No liquor, Jell-o shots or personally mixed drinks allowed. Cans are welcomed and preferred.

To be clear WE DO NOT SELL ANY ALCOHOL but riders of age can bring their own.

Can we wear costumes or dress up?

Themed parties and tours are the best! Please be aware of the length of your garments and costumes so that they do not get caught in your bike pedals.

Can we bring decorations?

Yes! It's your party! You are welcome to bring rated PG decor that can be hand tied to the bike and doesn't interfere with bike operation or guest safety. While we cannot cover our signage, balloons, blow ups, and streamers are welcome.

Can we choose our route and time / create our own tour?

Yes! We will work with these local businesses (and more!) and vendors to create your groups ultimate ride! Let us know what you have in mind, what you need us to help with, and when you want to ride. We'll put together your custom tour and provide a quote.

Can we request a specific driver?

We are happy to honor driver requests if the driver's schedule allows. An 18% automatic gratuity will be added to fulfilled requests.

Should we tip our driver?

If you had fun on our bike, by all means you are welcome to show your driver some love! Customer satisfaction is a priority.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Of course! You can buy a gift certificate for $50, $100, $200 or any amount of your choosing. Click here to order.

Can you bring the bike to our private event venue, business or special event?

Have bike, will travel! If there is relatively level asphalt, we can participate in public events, private parties, and even as a wedding shuttle. Contact us with the details.

Whatever you are celebrating, come party with us!