About Grizzly Pedal Company

Brian Hall, Chris Deal, and Rick Mooney were looking for something exciting to bring to their town of Wadsworth. They stumbled upon Sarka Party Bike contest offering a pedal bike for their community and knew they had to respond! With 80 applicants, they couldn’t resist the thrill of competition. The trio was ecstatic when Grizzly Pedal Company emerged as the winner – it was as if fate had brought them together! This business concept was fun and exciting, and perfect for Wadsworth.

And what’s more? Grizzly Pedal Company will offer the ability to share their community-oriented values and expressed interest in getting involved with local functions and organizations- an absolute win-win situation!  Brian, Chris and Rick could hardly contain themselves as they prepared to welcome this excellent entertainment option into their beloved hometown of Wadsworth.

Whatever you are celebrating, come party with us!